No Country for Old Men

1. Cormac McCarthy has a very distinguished individual literary style. No Country for Old Men showcases his sprawling prose, long sentences, and existential themes. Like most of his novels, it is set in Texas-Mexico border country and concerns forces of good versus evil.

2. The Coens’ film adaptation of No Country for Old Men is a stark, intense thriller. The narrative emphasizes Chigurh’s malice and invisibility. Adding to the tension and suspense is the fact that there is no soundtrack to the film.

3. The film is a very close adaptation of McCarthy’s novel, maintaining the story and characters with small added touches of the Coens’ signature dark humor. McCarthy’s prose is difficult to adapt in the way that he writes beautiful and sometimes philosophical descriptions of scenery, but the film’s gorgeous cinematography does a good job of capturing this imagery.

4. -This is an interview with the lead actors of the film in which they discuss their preparation for their roles (

-This website contains fan fiction about the characters in the story (

-This blog post examines the ending of the film and tries to glean its significance. The author seems to believe that Bell fails due to his outdated dedication to morality. However, the author also posits that the film is not supposed to be a simple parable with any definitive conclusions, but rather a self-contained story with complex, unanswered questions left for the viewer to consider. (

5. The title No Country for Old Men could signify both the lack of moral progress in modern society and its actual decay.  As Sheriff Bell pursues an extremely violent and uncaring criminal, he encounters numerous other greedy and amoral figures.  His dealings with this world show how people of his generation, with their principles and compassion, have become obsolete in American society.

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2 Responses to No Country for Old Men

  1. csmith2727 says:

    Definitely agree with you that this movie could signify both the lack of moral progress in modern society and its actual decay. It is interesting to me how different the people are in relation to society today.

  2. lordbyrne says:

    10/10. Joseph Byrne. ENGL329B.

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